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Siding Contractors

We offer you siding services for cottages and commercial buildings. We will quickly perform any amount of work, prepare the walls, and straighten the warps. We install turnkey siding: from the selection and delivery of panels, to filing spotlights and cleaning the territory. The cost of work depends on the architectural features of the building and the type of siding.

Why should a house siding be trusted to professionals?

A lot of experience and well-coordinated work exclude errors, inaccurate execution, incorrect cutting of the window profile. Even not fully locked lock can cause the bands to open, you will have to remove all the panels that are located above and redo it. Cladding with siding requires skills and dexterity, installing the correct frame, creating ventilated gaps.

Stages of siding’s installation:

The work begins with the preparation of the walls. All protruding elements are dismantled, shabby boards change, exfoliated plaster is removed, the surface is treated with antiseptic compounds.

Installation of the crate

The metal frame is more stable and lasts longer. A wooden crate is made from 50x50 bars, treated with a fire-protective agent. The step depends on the structure of the building, the size of the insulation, panels.

Wall insulation

When using mineral wool, a vapor barrier is attached to the wall. The insulation is installed in the cells of the frame, closed with a waterproofing film, on which a counter-lathing is mounted.

Installation of siding

• The first panel is inserted into the clamp of the starting plate, fixed to the crate. In this way, the facade is sheathed to the very top. During operation technological indentation should be observed, engagement – constantly checked in order to avoid distortions or opening.
• Before finishing the cladding, the roof part is hemmed with soffits to give a neat appearance. On roofs with a slope of up to 45 degrees siding is attached to the rafters.
• The finishing strip is fixed under the overhang or pediment in advance, if necessary, cut off the last strip and insert it into the bend.
• Windows are finished before wall cladding. Along the perimeter of the slats, platbands are attached to predefined profiles. Then, during installation, the edges of the wall panels are inserted into the groove of the profile.

Installation of a drain

The mounting locations of the brackets are determined to attach the spillway to the wall. The holes are drilled in the siding. The holders are installed on the wind bar taking into account the thermal expansion of the material.

How we are working?

Your cooperation with Sparkle Window Washing Company begins with a visit of our specialist to assess the facility and to discuss the details. The manager draws up a summary calculation indicating the price of materials and the cost of work. After the approval of the estimates we conclude an agreement. The period of siding cladding depends on the area and curvature of the walls, the complexity of the facade. If the house has many windows, cladding, it takes longer. The construction director solves technical issues, supervises the process. Before completing the work, you will receive a final estimate, minus unused materials.

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