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Carpet Cleaning Contractors

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Carpet Cleaning Contractors

Professional dry cleaning is a new life of your carpet!

A carpet is a beautiful and expensive thing. Regular cleaning preserves the attractive appearance of the carpet, increases its service life and ensures the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness in the house. The dry cleaning service for carpets and rugs from “Hypermarket of Services 124” will allow you to give your carpet a second bright life.

As part of the service, our specialists are ready to solve the following problems:

• Removing old stains or dirt.
• Elimination of dry pollution.
• Removing stains from fat, tea, coffee, juices, etc.
• Elimination of odors.
• Antibacterial treatment.
• Restoring the original color and aesthetic properties of the carpet.
• Cleaning all types of carpet products: carpets, rugs, carpet, carpet paths and much more.

Cleaning of carpets in time will help you to avoid allergic reactions to the carpet and preserve the health of you and your loved ones.

How to clean carpet inexpensively?

It’s great to spend the whole day relaxing on the carpet with the whole family! It is even more beautiful to do this after dry cleaning the carpets. Carpets occupy a worthy place in our apartment, but require special care. Why? Carpets themselves have the ability to accumulate dust, dirt and allergens - and this happens even in the best housewives. Gradually, dust, dirt and other "troubles" penetrate the roots of the pile and it is impossible to get them out of there by conventional means.

Perhaps your first desire will be the desire to get rid of "these" carpets. But there is still a beloved grandmother who has her feet freezing and a beloved dog who is used to lie on the carpet at your feet.

The solution is very close: call us and our company will save comfort in your home!

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$1 million in liability insurance

Protect your home and business. Only work with fully insured window cleaning professionals.

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