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Bath Remodeling Contractors

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Bath Remodeling Contractors

No matter how carefully you take to the bath, abrasive substances of detergents and mechanical impact leave their mark on the products. The appearance of a rusty coating, chips, a dull surface - all this suggests that it is time to change the bath. The latest technology and modern solutions allow you to restore the former whiteness without dismantling and the associated inconvenience

Enameling baths (painting the bath)

This type of restoration represents the application of enamel on an epoxy base with a brush in several layers, after special surface preparation. Painting the bath does not require absolutely any dismantling. This method is suitable for those who would like to get a good result, with small financial investments.

Bulk bath (acrylic)

It is the most common way to restore your bath today. It includes applying liquid acrylic to the old bath surface by pouring. Due to its flowing properties, it evenly spreads over the surface of the bath, while all irregularities are smoothed out and cracks are filled. The surface becomes flat and smooth after solidification.

Acrylic liner

Installing an acrylic liner is one of the best quality bath restoration methods. The essence of the method involves inserting and fixing an acrylic liner into an old bathtub. The bathtub takes on a new life, retaining all the advantages of cast iron, and the acrylic insert has amazing performance properties. The acrylic liner is less prone to scratches and bumps.


Before the specialists arrive to restore the bath, some preparatory work should be done.

1. Toothbrushes, towels, personal hygiene products must be removed.
2. Be sure to check if your valve is not leaking when the valve is closed! Water must not get on uncured coating!
3. If the washing machine is right next to the bathroom, it should be slightly pushed.
4. This type of restoration as a bulk bath requires the obligatory dismantling of the siphon, the specialists need to have access under the bath for this operation.
5. Prepare some clean rags and newspapers.

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