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If you have been to Chicago once or twice during their festive periods, you will definitely agree to the fact that Chicago is one of the best cities in the world to celebrate festivals, street fairs and traditional events. There is virtually a festival almost every other day of the year. If it is not a festival, it will definitely be a street fair. Due to the exuberant nature of these events, it is always a necessity to arrange a clean up after such events to avoid scrutiny from officials in such areas. This is why most businesses and organizations do not opt for manual cleaning but rather they trust in the credence and capacity of a pressure washer.

According to documentations, it is recorded that during festivals in Chicago the rate of traffic and sales of some materials rise beyond the crevices of normality. And in spite of government interventions via police officials, the excess of graffiti done on the street is always beyond control during and after any festival or public fair in Chicago. Graffiti is a part of the traditional festival where paintings, drawings and marks are made using different defacing medium of ink or paint. This has caused lots of cleanings to be done after, and in most cases the arena where the festival took place will be full of stain clogs.

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